Doggie Day Care Upgrades Concrete Floor

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At Integrity Garage Floors, we specialize in epoxy concrete floor coatings for homes and businesses. We’ve recently been receiving a lot of phone calls from doggie day cares. They’re searching for epoxy coatings for their kennels that are easy to clean and keep sanitary.  Which makes total sense considering everyone we know that adopted a dog during their 2020 quarantine is now looking for full or partial care for their pets.  As the world prepares to open up, the demand for doggie daycare is on the rise. The need for clean and safe environments has never been more crucial.

We had the pleasure of working with the friendly folks at Our Best Friend Doggie Daycare and Boutique located in Gig Harbor, WA.

This 3rd generation, family operated Doggie Daycare boasts a 3,500 square paw facility that includes boarding, training, grooming and a cage-free play area.  This is no “Dogs Gone Wild” establishment though.  The staff at Our Best Friend Doggie Daycare and Boutique pride themselves on maintaining a safe and sanitary shelter for the pets they care for. They wanted to find a solution that is easy to keep clean while also looking detailed and crisp. We recommended our Chip Flooring System, available in 5 different color blends, and they happily decided on the color “Indianapolis”. 

Doggie Daycare concrete floor coating
Indianapolis Chip Flooring System

Saying this company puts the care and safety of their dogs first is an understatement.  Before we began our work they asked us all the right questions.  “Are the products used potentially dangerous to our animals?” (No, not a bit. Our flooring system is safe for humans and animals.)  “Are your concrete coatings durable and easy to clean?” (Absolutely!  Our coatings are easy to clean and maintain with a vacuum and mop.). 

Installation day was like playing fetch in the park. 

This facility is extremely well organized. Our technicians were greeted by cheerful people that worked with us to help get our job done.  Our team completed the chip flooring installation ahead of schedule. The day care was able to return to service a day early.  The cheerful and vibrant new interior has everyone’s tails wagging.

Epoxy Floor Coating
Doggie Daycare Hallway

Are you preparing to return to work and need 5 Star care and attention for your best friend?  Is Fido feeling a little husky and in need of a spa day?  Check out the services provided at Our Best Friend Doggie Daycare here:  They offer everything you need to pamper your pooch.

If you’re shopping for epoxy concrete floor coatings for your garage or business, give us a bark at Integrity Garage Floors, (425) 888-5565.  

Doggie Daycare epoxy floor
Interior with new epoxy flooring