Garage Floor Coating Why You Should Not Do It Yourself

Garage Floor Coating Why You Should Not Do It Yourself

As folks have been spending more time in their homes over the last two years, they’ve maybe also sought refuse in their garage for home projects. Just like spending more time rooms of the home causes a homeowner to rethink design and details, same goes for their garage. One popular way to upgrade the garage space is with Garage Floor Coating to improve the look of the garage. There are many different ways to improve the look of the garage floor with different coatings you can use.

When you’re shopping for a new garage floor coating, you’ll notice an overcrowded marketplace with many companies offering different coating products and systems. Buyer beware of using inexperienced contractors with 1-day systems and online sales of DIY kits. The labor, time, and cost may not be worth it to you in the end. We at Integrity Garage Floors come in and have to redo many home DIY projects that didn’t turn out as intended. Here are some of the potential mistakes made by inexperienced contractors or homeowners during the process.


Grinding Concrete

One of the first pitfalls for many homeowners or occasional contractors is the use of the diamond grinder. Renting and operating this grinder is costly and time consuming getting used to a new machine. It’s impossible to tell how much mileage the machine or the mechanisms involved have. The grinder or internal parts could fail on you during your rental period, requiring more time and energy, or leaving the renter at fault for the issue. Some homeowners all together skip this step and just try to seal over their existing floors. We see these floors all the time, as we come into redo, and end up grinding the self Epoxy coated floors.


Moisture Barrier

Here in the Pacific Northwest it is important to pick a moisture barrier that will stand up to the elements. Picking the wrong Epoxy Coating can be a pitfall for some homeowners or not laying it properly. When buying on their own, typically homeowners over buy because you don’t know how much you’ll need on a new project.

Chip Floor System

Finally, to get the desired look during the sealing process is when you add the chips to create the desired outcome of color. An experienced professional, who does these projects everyday has the finesse not to over or under do this part. This part can be tricky, or leave a patchy look when done by someone new to the process.


Save Yourself The Time and Energy and Hire a Garage Floor Professional

Here at Integrity Garage Floors, this is what we do day in and day out. Our experience in this field means you can trust in our countless hours of experience from projects of all shapes and sizes. Here at Integrity Garage Floors we are passionate about helping you have the garage of your dreams. Transform your garage floor into something that will last as long you own your home. To ensure a successful result you want to use an experienced professional. Our coating systems come in a variety of colors, styles and pricing. If you are in the Seattle, WA region contact us to get a quote for your project.

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