A Great Lunch, Great Garage Cabinets

Integrity Garage Floors Team Lunch

Lately I have been writing blogs about subjects other than garage floors and garage cabinets.  Well, this week is no different.  Once again it is about the people I come into contact with rather than about the work that we do.  A lot of you have met Antonio and Luis.  Antonio is our foreman and Luis works directly for Antonio installing garage floors and garage cabinets.  Both of them have lots of integrity, can be counted on to work hard and do a great job.  My customers often tip them https://generous-basket.mysites.io/our-work/tipping-policy/ and we don’t get customer complaints about either of them.  In short, they are aces in places.

Antonio is our foreman and Luis works directly for Antonio installing garage floors and garage cabinets.

Last week we built a nice set of garage cabinets for a lady from Chicago whose garage floor we had finished the week before.  It was in Federal Way.  We took a break for lunch and I asked the guys where they would like to go.  It’s tradition in our company if the guys are on their own, they pay for their lunch but if I’m on the job I buy lunch.  Seems to work and it keeps me from hounding the poor guys.  As we were heading out Antonio asked if we would like to go to his mother’s house for lunch.  I was thrilled.  Antonio’s mother doesn’t speak very much English and I certainly don’t have a very good command of Spanish.  No hablo espanol.  https://www.spanishdict.com/translate/no%20hablo%20espa%C3%B1ol I love a good cultural event and the fact that we couldn’t communicate thru the spoken word made it all that much more fun. 

The food they served me was out of this world.  It was a dish called “Frito de Puerco and Frijoles” https://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/frijoles-con-puerco.  When I tell you, it was good I don’t mean maybe.  Antonio’s mother Abelina made homemade tortillas right there while I was watching.  Antonio introduced me as “jefe” and Abelina gave me a hug.  The whole affair was wrought with much laughter, my messing up the Spanish words they taught me and an overall warm feeling. 

This lunch was very special and touched me to my very soul.  Abelina, Antonio and Luis thanking you for sharing your lives with me!  It was a moment that I will cherish forever.

Great Company, Great Lunch